How do I manage my locations for counting inventory?

Locations can be managed on an individual item basis in the items window, but to manage multiple locations in an easy-to-use window, choose this function.

  1. Click "Count Inventory" (main menu toolbar).
  2. Select "Manage Locations" (a listing of all items and preps will appear).
  3. Select an item or prep.
  4. Click to choose storage locations on the right pane. Continue selecting items or preps on the left, and choose locations they are stored in on the right, as the window will auto-save.
  5. To change the main location used on order sheets, select from the drop-down located at the top of the pane to select a different main location.
  6. Click the "Close (X)" button to close the window.

Methods to Search for an Item

There are two types of search available in the inventory window, "Current View" and "Global".

  • Current View Search – For the current open sheet, click the search/filter field at the top of the listing and type the name of the item you're looking for. The list will shorten to all items containing the entered text.
  • Global Search – On the Inventory Count Toolbar, click the "Search" button to search for an item in all locations within the inventory. Double-click to go to that item in the location selected.