How do I navigate Optimum Control?

Learn about the different ways you're able to navigate Optimum Control software.

Below are the following ways to navigate the Optimum Control platform.

  • Main Menu Toolbar
    • Functions of Optimum Control can be accessed using the main menu toolbar located near the top of the window.
  • Main Menu Dashboard Widgets
    • Located in the upper left hand corner of the Main Menu. Click the plus symbol to add a new widget.
  • Settings
    • Located in the upper left corner. The settings provide access to Setup, Preferences, Security, and Nutrition Settings.
  • Menu Toolbars
    • Each function of the software has its own toolbar that will change as you move through the software. Items, Preps, and Products will populate new entry fields into the workspace to facilitate easy data entry.
  • Help Menu
    • Located on the right side of the window. The size of the help menu can be changed by using the <-> icon. You can minimize the menu by clicking the ">" icon at the top left of the help pane.
  • Upper Menu Toolbar
    • Located at the very top of the window, this will display open tabs to the left and allow you to switch between them. On the right, you will find Search, Calculator, Backup, Status, Switch Users, and About.