How do I prepare prep sheets?

Optimum Control can prepare prep sheets for your chefs to use as a tool to save time. Each sheet can be printed by prep station (ex. Back Table or Main Line).

How to Add Prep Stations

  1. Click "Settings" (upper left corner).
  2.  Select "Setup"
  3. Choose "Prep Stations".
  4. Click "Add".
  5. Enter the description for your prep stations/work areas.
  6. Click "Save".

How to Delete Prep Stations

  1. Highlight the stations you wish to delete.
  2. Click "Delete".
  3. Choose "Save".

How to Print Prep Sheets

  1. Select "Reports" (main menu toolbar).
  2. Choose "Recipe Reports" (reports toolbar).
  3. Click "Daily Prep Sheets".
    NOTE: Min/Max levels and "include on prep sheets" in each prep recipe will be required to print prep sheets.
  4. Select the date of the prep.
  5. The "Prep Margin Percentage" is set at 10.0% as the default. You can change this percentage accordingly.
  6. Click "Run Report".