How do I process my pending sales?

It is very important that ALL sales are processed from each store, not only on a daily basis, but also to make sure all products are being registered as sales and properly balanced with POS. The sales that have not completed (have errors) are called Pending Sales.

There are a few reasons for these errors:

  1. Missing Product - A product at the store level was sold but did not have a linked POS ID. Ex. A new product was added to the POS and there was no linked item in Optimum Control.
  2. Mismatched Description - A product at the store level had an incorrect (mismatched) description. Ex. A hamburger button was linked to apple crisp resulting in the wrong item being processed.
  3. Unlinked Product - A product that had been sent down to the store simply has no POS ID and needs to be linked.

To Open Pending Sales

  1. Click "Pending Sales" from the "Utility" menu.
  2. Define a date range that you would like to view the sales for.
  3. Click the "Go" button located to the right of the date you selected. Note: Default is set to this week.
  4. Pending Sales will be listed by store. You can highlight the row (select the checkmark in the column on the left).
  5. You can now select whether to create a new product, switch the description, or link to an existing product in your database.