How do I process pending or invalid sales?

When saving a sales mix in Optimum Control from your POS system, there may be a a few unlinked or mismatched products you choose to not link at that time. You will be asked "Would you like to store all unlinked recipes as pending sales?", this allows you to process the Sales Mix for Products that have been set up and add recipes to system and link up later using the "Pending Sales" feature.

To Print a Report of "Pending Sales":

  1. Select "Reports".
  2. Select "Sales Reports".
  3. Choose "Pending Sales".
  4. Indicate your date parameters.

To Process Pending Sales:

  1. When you log in to Optimum Control, if pending sales are present, a message will be displayed asking if you wish to complete pending sales.
  2. Click "Yes". You will be presented with a pick list of all pending sales and their dates.
  3. Select the date you wish to work on.
  4. Click "Process".
  5. The Sales Mix window will now be populated with the information ready to save.
  6. Create, add, and link menu items as necessary to complete the sales mix. The totals will be added to the existing sales.
  7. Click "Close" to exit.