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How do I set par levels for preps?

How to Set Par Levels for Preps

  1. Choose "Prep Par Levels" (main menu toolbar).
  2. By default, the list of preps you chose as "Include on Prep Sheets" will appear.
  3. To add more preps to the list, check the "Preps Not Included on Prep Sheets" box at the top of the list, or on the right-hand side, place a check in the "Include on Prep Sheets" column.
  4. Select the preps you want to add to the "Active" list.
  5. To set the par levels for each day of the week, enter the amount you want to have as a par level.
  6. To automatically calculate the amounts, select "Calculate Required Amounts" on the Prep Par Levels toolbar.
  7. Click "Save".

How to Print Prep Sheets

  1. Choose "Reports" (main menu toolbar).
  2. Select "Recipe Reports" (recipe toolbar).
  3. Choose "Prep Sheet" (recipe toolbar)
  4. Indicate the date of the prep you want to print the prep sheet for (e.g. if you want to print a prep sheet for today, then select today's date).
  5. Select "Run Report".
  6. Click "Print".
  7. You will see that you have a par level for the prep for a day as per your prep par levels. Fill in the prep stock on hand and you will be able to calculate your required prep.

How to Automatically Calculate Prep Par Levels

  1. Choose "Prep Par Levels" (main menu toolbar)
  2. The list of your preps will appear.
  3. Click "Calculate Prep Par Levels" (prep par levels toolbar).
  4. How long to calculate for? – Define the date parameters for the calculations (e.g. this week, last week, last month, etc.). You will want toe ensure you have the most accurate data for this calculation. Using "this month" in the latter part of a month, or "last month" if at the beginning of the month, should yield the most accurate results.
  5. Edit any of the amounts as necessary.
  6. Click "Save".