How do I set up a new tax group?

A Tax Group is a set of taxes, discounts, and deposits applied to the purchase price of an item. Federl Taxes may apply to one item while Local AND Federal Taxes apply to another. Dry goods, beer, and liquor items often vary in their applicable taxes.

Taxes and adjustments consist of various taxes, deposit feeds, and discounts in your jurisdiction. You must set up a tax or adjustment (discount or free) in Taxes before assigning Taxes and Tax Groups.

How to Set Up a New Tax Group

  1. Choose "Setup" from the menu bar.
  2. Select "Tax Groups".
  3. Click "New Tax Group".
  4. Enter the information as follows:
    Field Details
    Description Enter the description for the group.
    Code Enter in a code for the tax group. A two-digit code is required. E.g. PT, GP, GT.
    Taxes Check off any taxes that apply.
  5. Click "Save".
  6. To apply this group to an item, from the "Items" window, select the tax group from the "Tax Group" dropdown box. If the purchase price includes a tax group, check this box, prices will be adjusted accordingly.