How do I set up a store?

Learn how to set up stores in Optimum Control.

Optimum Control requires store information for all reporting and displays. If using OC Pro, you will only have one store/revenue center. If using OC Premier, you can have multiple stores/revenue centers and will need to enter store information for each. This information will appear on purchase orders, stock transfers, etc.

To Add or Edit Your Store Information:

  1. Click "Settings" (upper left corner)
  2. Choose "Setup"
  3. Select "Store"
  4. Select an existing store to edit, or click "New" to create a new one.
  5. Enter all information as listed below.
  6. Click "Save"
Field Details
Store ID This is a short name for your business, or if a chain, the identification code. Your Store ID will appear in all reports and windows. This also assists those using multi-store features to identify which store they are working on.
Company Name Enter the trade name or operating name of the business. Ex. Joe's Fine Dining, Joe's Burger Palace, Franky's Fry House
Location Enter a short location. This is especially useful if you have multiple locations, as this is what will appear on most of the reports. Ex. Intercity Mall or Junction Plaza
Legal Name Enter the legal or incorporated name of your business.
Contact Information Enter all required contact information such as mailing address, telephone number, and store email address.
Comments Enter additional comments if needed.