How do I set up Accounting Preferences?

For your accounting department, Optimum Control allows you to set some default accounting settings. You should consult with your accountant prior to making these changes. 

To Edit the Accounting Settings:

  1. Select "Settings" (upper left corner)
  2. Choose "Preferences"
  3. Select "Accounting"
  4. Enter the details as below.
  5. Click "Save"
Field Details
Accounting System

Select your accounting system from the list. This enables you to export purchases into your accounting system. 

NOTE: If your accounting system does not appear on this list, check with TracRite Software to find out if any new accounting packages are available, or how to create a custom configuration.

Default Export Folder

Select the default export folder where the file is saved to.

NOTE: This does not have to be the accounting system folder.

Accounts Payable Report Set up the Accounts Payable account (if applicable). Please configure with your accountant if you are unsure. Some accounting systems will need to add on Accounts Payable account in Optimum Control's Chart of Accounts (COA) to link to.

Average Hourly Wage

Used in the sales window to calculate labor cost from a management perspective. Enter an amount that reflects an average hourly wage plus any labor burden (tax, benefits, etc.).
Period Length

Indicate the number of days, weeks, or months for the period.

Select Days, Weeks, or Months for the period length.

Month End Treatment

Three options are available for Month End Treatment:

  • Break – Will split up an existing period to match month end.
  • Extend – Will prolong the period beyond the original end date set to reach month end.
  • Ignore – Will leave the period as it has been set.
Fiscal Year Begins Day of Month | Month
Period Locked Out Automatically Should be checked if you wish the period to automatically lock out.
Period Locked Out On Indicate the day of the week in which period are to be locked out on (e.g. Tuesday).
Period Locked Out After Days Indicate the number of days after the end of a period that you wish to lock the data from changes.
Daily Sale Accounts Chart of Account References
Discounts Employee Enter the chart of account for discounts.
Credit Card Deposits Enter the chart of account for credit card deposits.
Comps Enter the chart of account for complimentary discounts.
Promo Enter the chart of account for promotional discounts.
Cash Deposit Enter the chart of account for cash.
Money Short Enter the chart of account for over/short.
Labor Enter the chart of account for labor

Period Lock Out Examples

  • If you have weekly inventory with no month end reporting, choose four weeks. You can then run weekly inventories within the period. Ignore month end treatment.
  • If you have a weekly period, choose one week. This enables locking after close of weekly inventory if you choose. Ignore month end treatment.
  • If you have weekly periods with end of month inventory, choose one week and break for month end treatment. This creates a short period within the week and start the week from that date . This enables weekly and monthly reporting.