How do I set up buffets?

Optimum Control 's buffet wizard will calculate the cost per customer for every buffet, beverage cart, and food truck.

To Create a New Buffet:

  1. Click "Buffet" (main menu toolbar).
  2. The "Buffet Calendar/Pick" window appears, allowing you to open any saved buffet by double-clicking.
  3. To create a new buffet, click "New".

    Core Information
    Field Details
    Date Enter the date for the buffet.
    Name/Description Enter a name/description for the buffet. For example, Sunday Brunch, Patio Beverage Cart, etc.
    Sales Group Choose a sales group for the event.
    Guests Indicate the guests and number of guests at the event.

    The buffet window is about how much you prepared or added to the buffet to begin with, how much you added to the buffet, and what you ended with, and whether is was wasted or returned to inventory.

  4. Choose the items, preps, or products you want to add to the buffet.
  5. Indicate the amount you started with to begin the buffet.
    TIP: You can enter the total amount prepped for the buffet, rather than worrying about what you added to the buffet.
  6. Choose the units of measure.
  7. Add any stock you added to the buffet.
  8. Enter the ending amounts.
  9. Decide whether the stock left will be wasted. If it will be, add the wasted stock to the waste column.

Buffet Calculations

Calculation Details
Total Cost The total cost of the buffet.
Total Guests Served The number of guests served.
Cost per Guest The total cost divided by the number of guests.
Total Price Total amount charged for the buffet.
Average Guest Price Total price divided by the number of guests.
Cost Percentage Cost percentage of the event.

Print Buffet Worksheet

When preparing a buffet, it can be helpful to have a listing of the items on the buffet. You'll be able to print a listing of these items in order to record any "adds" to the buffet and ending stock levels.

Reset Buffet

When you are doing similar buffets, you can open an existing saved and extracted buffet and choose "Reset" from the buffet toolbar. Once reset, indicate the date of the buffet and the description.

The items are already listed so you can simply entry the amounts as necessary. Any 0 amounts will be deleted from the sheet.

Click "Save" and "Extract Stock"