How do I track my waste?

Optimum Control allows you to detail waste for a date or period. This waste will appear on the Usage Summary report, showing as part of the ideal usage of an item. If entering waste for a week or period, select the last date of the period.

To Enter Waste:

  1. Click "Waste" (main menu toolbar).
  2. The Waste Calendar View appears. To open any previously saved waste with a valuation for the day it was saved, double-click on the value for the date.
  3. Click "New".
  4. Select the date for the waste, and if entering for a group of days, choose the last day of the group.
  5. Select the "Add Item", "Add Prep" or "Add Product" icon from the Waste toolbar to select the waste items.
  6. Enter in the quantity amount that was wasted.
  7. Unit – Indicate the unit of measure. You can use any UOM in the drop-down.
  8. Reason – Add a short note about why it was wasted.
  9. To add additional items, preps, or products, repeat steps 5 - 7.
  10. Click "Save". The stock will be removed from the inventory.