How do I update my item costing?

When adding information to OC Enterprise, your costing will remain as you entered unless you update. This function allows you to set the parameters for the bulk update of your item costing. It is important to note that item and recipe costing information DOES NOT get updated unless you either manually change it or you use the Item Costing function.

TIP: We recommend you do this periodically (especially before any recipe costing reporting).

How to Update Your Item and Recipe Costing

  1. Click "Utility".
  2. Select "Item Costing".
  3. Select the parameters you wish to update. In some cases, you may only want to take costing from one corporate store or region. In others you may want to take an average of all store information. Remember this will be updated based on all the purchases and case sizes that stores are inputting.
  4. Calculate Method - when selected, this will be the method the new item costing is updated by.
  5. Review pricing and case size information - Uncheck any anomalies such as unused case sizes or incorrect pricing.
  6. Click "Calculate Costing".
Calculate Method Details
Most Recent (Best Practice) This choice will set the item costing to the latest price.
Average This will take the average price for each item.
Highest Price Uses the highest price found.
Lowest Price Uses the lowest price found.
Most Frequent In some cases you may have recurring pricing throughout fluctuations. To use the most frequent pricing, choose this option.

Case Size Criteria

Title Details
Region By default this is all regions. But if you wanted to update based on a certain region's case sizes, select this here.
Supplier By default this will be set to all supplier case sizes. But if you want to update pricing based on only one supplier, select this here.

Invoice Criteria

Field Details
Region By default this is set to all regions. But if you wanted to update based on a certain region's pricing and invoices then choose that here.
Store By default this is set to all stores. But if you want to update based on a certain store's pricing and invoices then choose that here. This is particularly useful if you have a specific store that is used as a corporate store.
Start Date Select a date to have OC Enterprise begin looking at new costs and invoices.
End Date Select a date to end looking at pricing. Usually today or yesterday.
Change % Threshold This feature will highlight large price changes. This is also a handy way to see if any stores have made errors in adding case size information or pricing. By default, this is set to 10% but any amount can be entered. All those meeting or exceeding the criteria will be highlighted in yellow. (if "Over Threshold Lines Only" is checked, then ONLY those exceeding will be shown but all pricing will be updated.

TIP: You can review the pricing and decide to not update pricing on a specific item or case size by simply unchecking the item. Review the prices and click "Save Costing".