How do I update the nutrition reference data?

Optimum Control contains a default database with approximately 7,000 food items. You can update the nutritional analysis tables with newer information as it becomes available. Contact our support team if you have any questions.

NOTE: You can sort the "Data Import" listing by "Ascending" or "Descending" order by clicking on one of the following headers: "Group Description", "Last Imported", "Current", or "Latest".

To Update Nutrition Reference Data:

  1. Click "Settings" (upper left corner)
  2. Select "Nutrition"
  3. Select "Reference Data Import"
  4. A listing of all categories loaded and the last date they were updated on the server will appear. If a warning appears, then there is new information available.
  5. Check the "Import" box for any groups you wish to update. Alternatively, you can choose "Check All" at the bottom right of the window.
  6. Click "Import Data"
  7. Each group will now update information and the date uploaded.

NOTE: If  you have chosen "Check All", you can click back to the main menu once it starts to let the process run in the background.