How do I use the Amalgamate Units of Measure (UOM) utility?

*Be cautious when using this function as it will blend two UOM together, leaving the Master only. You can cause serious damage to your data if not done correctly and carefully. Once done, this operation cannot be recovered.

To Amalgamate UOM:

  1. Click "Settings" (upper left corner)
  2. Choose "Utilities"
  3. Select "Amalgamate UOM"
  4. Select the UOM Type (e.g. Unit, Volume, Weight) you wish to amalgamate from the drop-down list.
    NOTE: You can only amalgamate the same types of units.
  5. Choose the unit you want to keep from the Master UOM.
  6. From the duplicate UOM, you will be able to choose units that have conversions to be similar.
  7. Once both have been selected, click "Amalgamate" (top right).
  8. Click "Yes" when the warning appears asking if you want to continue with the operation. All items or recipes with Secondary (unit you didn't want) units, will now be listed with the Master unit (the unit you want to keep).