How do I use the Item and Recipe Management window?

Used for navigating items and recipes, the Item and Recipe Management window shows which items are contained in which recipes and allows you to open any recipe with the simple click of a button.

How to use the Item and Recipe Management Window

  1. Click "Recipe".
  2. Select "Item and Recipe Management".
  3. Three tabs are displayed listing items, preps, and products. Choose the type of item you are looking for.
  4. To search for an item or recipe, simply enter a number of letters into the search box and click the magnifying glass to the right of the search box. 
  5. Click on the desired item in the left column and the right column will display what recipes that item or recipe is contained in, and also the amounts and unit of measure.
  6. To open one of the recipes, simply click on the prep or product icon, and a new tab will open displaying the recipe. You can return to this view by selecting the tab from the top of tyour browser.

Additional filters are available to shorten the list to specific criteria , such as group, category, active, or inactive, etc. Click the icon located to the right of the magnifying glass to select the filters to apply.

Any recipes that are ingredients in another recipe will be indicated in the right column with an icon to the left end of the recipe. Click this icon to find out what recipes an ingredient is contained in.

When clicking on a recipe or item icon, a new window opens allowing you to jump back to the previous screen.

Changing the Active Status of an Item or Recipe

To make items inactive, click the "Active" column checkbox and the status will be immediately saved.