How do I use the Main Menu toolbar?

All features of Optimum Control are broken into use types such as "Inventory", "Purchasing", "Recipes", "Sales", "Events", "Accounting", "Reports", and "Misc.". Within each window, the Main Menu Toolbar will change for accommodate the functions required for the window. To open a window, click on the desired icon.

Settings Icons

Icon Details
Settings Add or edit all main lists in the program such as suppliers, locations, accounts, groups, etc.
Preferences Detail all your specific settings for display, accounting, valuations, etc.
Security Define users and security levels.
Utilities Use these features for deleting data and managing bulk changes to accounts, locations, and groups as well as troubleshooting items through synchronize.
Nutrition Set your nutrients, allergen listing, etc.

Inventory Group Icons

Feature Details

Enter and edit inventory items (stock book).

Count Inventory Create count sheets for stock taking.
Case Size Overview

This feature allows the following:

  • Quick overview of all inventory items
  • Enter and save barcodes and order codes.
  • Apply filters to locate items or pack sizes by supplier, group, etc.
Item Par Levels

This feature allows the following:

  • Set minimum and maximum stock levels for ordering.
  • Define key items.
  • Indicate if an actualized inventory item.

Purchasing Group Icons

Feature Details
Invoice Select to enter purchases from suppliers.
Orders To create orders for suppliers.

Recipe Group Icons

Feature Details

This feature allows the following:

  • Create, edit, or view prep or batch recipes.
  • Create prep station recipe instructions.
  • Add pictures.
  • Calculate the nutrition of each recipe.

This feature allows the following:

  • Create, edit, or view menu product recipes.
  • Create or edit recipe instructions.
  • Add pictures for recipe books.
  • Displays nutritional analysis.

Product Overview This feature displays a list of products, cost, selling price, and POS ID numbers for quick reference.
Batch Scaling Prep or batch recipes can be scaled larger or smaller for kitchen prep lists or special events.
Prep Par Levels For prep sheets, par levels can be set daily for print to the kitchen.

Sales Group Icons

Feature Details
Sales Import or manually enter sales mix data.
Waste Enter waste.

Events Icons

Feature Details

This feature allows the following:

  • Create and cost buffet menus.
  • Add customers.
  • Calculate cost per person and profit on a buffet.

This feature allows the following:

  • Plan catering events and menus.
  • Calculate costs.
  • Print contracts and require stock lists.

Accounting Group Icons

Feature Details
Budget Worksheet Create and edit period budgets.
Export Accounting Data Set formats and export purchases to your accounting system.

Reports Group Icons

Feature Details
Select Reports Create, view, and print reports.

Misc. Group Icons

Feature Details
Item and Recipe Management View a listing of items and the recipes that they are in.