How do I use the Synchronize Configuration?

The Synchronize Configuration feature will allow you to send down data to your local store without having to create and then send down a recipe set. The feature will help with creating new case sizes or modifying existing ones as well as invoice entry. The document below will show you how to use this feature.

How to Set the Synchronize Configuration Screen:

  1. Select "Utility" from the dropdown menu located at the top of the page.
  2. Select "Synchronize Configuration" from the dropdown menu.

NOTE: If you want to send down data for an already existing option listed above and either the "Create & Modify" or the "Modify Only" option is set, you do not need to make an actual change to that option. Simply selecting "Edit" for the option, then clicking "Save" when that option opens, triggers that option to be sent down to store level.

Ex. Your Enterprise site already has an account called "Beer", but that account does not currently exist at store level. To send the account to the store, navigate to the "Accounts" page and click on the "Edit" option found on the far right. When the Beer account opens, click the "Save" button, then click the "Back to List" button. The Beer account is now available to be downloaded by the local store.

  1. Based on the option you selected from the dropdown above, you can configure what will not be modified and what will get updated at store level when the download is completed. Each selection from the first dropdown will have different options on what can be modified. Select which options you want to keep local at store level and which should be updated from Enterprise when the download completes.
  2. Click the "Save" button, located in the upper left corner of the page.

NOTE: Each option in the dropdown, and the corresponding settings for that option, will need to be saved individually.

How do I Download the Data from Enterprise to the Store Level?

Now that the Synchronize Configuration has been set up, data from any of the options in the dropdown will be downloaded automatically to store level the next time Optimum Control is opened. If Optimum Control is open when additions or modifications are made to any of the options in the dropdown. Optimum Control will need to be closed, then re-opened to trigger the automatic download. When you open Optimum Control, a status window will automatically display indicating the data is being downloaded. Once complete, it will display if the download was completed successfully and what was included in the download.

Click the "X" found in the upper right-hand corner of the download status window once completed and the new or modified data should now be at the store level.