How do I verify recipe conversions?

The "Verify Recipe Conversions" feature allows you to check your recipes on Enterprise to make sure there are no missing conversions for ingredients before sending down a recipe set. Ingredients that are used differently than the prep or product they are found in, will display on this page. Either the ingredient in the recipe needs to have the same UOM as how the recipe is used, or a conversion needs to be added to the ingredient so it can be used the same way as the recipe.

How to Verify Recipe Conversions on Enterprise

  1. Select "Utility" from the menu bar.
  2. Select "Verify Recipe Conversions" to open that page.
  3. When the page opens, it will list all the recipes that have ingredients that are missing require conversion. The page has three columns: Recipe, Ingredient, and UOM. The Recipe column indicates which recipes (Prep or Product) have an ingredient that needs to be fixed. The Ingredient column indicates the ingredient in the recipe that needs to be fixed and the UOM column indicates how the recipe is used.

How to Fix Recipe Conversions on Enterprise

Now that we know which recipes need to be modified before sending down a recipe set, either the ingredients UOM needs to be modified in the recipe, or a conversion needs to be added to the ingredient so it will download successfully at store level.

How to Change an Ingredient's UOM:

  1. Click the "Recipe" link to be brought to that recipe's page.
  2. Note how the recipe is used (either by Weight, Volume, or Unit) and compare that to the ingredient UOM.

NOTE: If the recipe is a product recipe, it is always used by the "Each".