How do I view a Store By Store comparison?

This Store By Store Comparison window is useful for analyzing costs, products sold and amounts purchased between stores. Each comparison can have settings to show low items, marginal items and good items based on your preference.

To set the Preferences, navigate to the Company section and Preferences. Set the Warning (appear in yellow) and Critical (appear in red) for the report. Any item or recipe that falls more than 15% lower or higher than the average will show yellow, and any more than 25% will show in red.

How to View the Store By Store Comparison

  1. Click "Reports" from the menu bar.
  2. Choose "Store By Store Comparison"
  3. There are 4 choices for reporting. Choose the dates and categories or filters as desired.
    Item costing Compares item costs between stores.
    Product Costing Compares the cost of each product sold per store.
    Items Purchased Displays the number of units purchased (displays by reporting unit).
    Products Sold Indicates the number of each product sold by store.
  4. Choose a date range and apply any filters using the filter icon.
  5. Click "Go".
  6. Each report will have drilldowns to show supporting documentation for each number in the report. Click on a number to see store averages and drill into the reporting that supports the number.

NOTE: Due to the potential size of this report there is no print option. You can open the report in Excel and manipulate to print.