Inventory Count Detail

The Inventory Count Detail report will let you know where and how the items were counted on the count sheet. This report will be useful to find out if an item has been counted incorrectly, and where the incorrect count was entered on the count sheet.

Header Detail
Item Description The item that is being reported on.
UOM The reporting UOM of the item.
Qty on Hand The quantity that was counted.
Prepped Qty The quantity that was calculated to be found in the prep recipes that were counted.
Total Value The value of the inventory item. Calculated based on your inventory preferences (FIFO, Last Cost, Weighted Average).
Location Listing of locations that counts were entered on the count sheet.
Purchase Qty Count amount entered for the purchase unit of the item.
Case Qty Count amount entered in the split unit of the item.
Pak Qty Count amount entered in the pak unit of the item.