Inventory Order Form

The Inventory Order Form is a tool to assist with the ordering process. The report will list all items based on the location's customize sort. The report will have a field to enter the desired purchase amount, and will provide information such as the calculated quantity on hand, average used per day, and your par levels.

Header Detail
Item Description The item being reported on.
Supplier The supplier the case size has been assigned. It will display all cases for the item.
Order Code The order code for the case size.
Order / Unit The purchasing unit of the case size.
Case Size The split unit of the case size.
Case Cost The purchase price of the case size.
On Hand The calculated quantity on hand based on the most recent inventory +/- sales and purchases
Avg Per Day The average amount used per day calculated based on two most recent inventory counts.
Reorder Min The min par level set for the item.
Reorder Max The max par level set for the item.