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Item and Recipe Management (IRM) General Information

This window is probably one of the most powerful and simplest to use in the program. You can view, open, and edit each item, prep, and product. The list will identify which recipes are linked to each prep and item.

NOTE: This is used to make an item or recipe inactive.

How to Access Item and Recipe Management

  1. Click the Item and Recipe Management (IRM) icon (main menu toolbar). All inventory items and recipes will be listed on the left.
  2. Scrolling down the list, you'll see items in bold text. These are items or recipes contained within other recipes. Click to displays the recipes on the list on the right.
  3. You can search for items or recipes by name or description using the description search. Type a few letters and the list will begin to populate.

IRM Filtered View:

Field Details
Show Active/Inactive Will display all items including the ones t hat are set as inactive.
Item Type Show all, just items, preps, or products.
Inventory Group For inventory items, choose to show just one group (e.g. Meats).
Sales Group For menu products, show only for one group (e.g. Entrees)
Contained in Recipes This allows you to identify "dead" items or perhaps duplicate items that are not contained or used in any recipes.

Item/Recipe Listing View

  • Description – Sort names alphabetically. You can click the header to sort the listing in ascending or descending order. The bold highlighted items are those that are contained within other recipes. When a highlighted item is selected, the right pane will display the recipes containing selected items.
  • Active/Inactive Box – If searching by all items, inactive items will have a check in the box. If you no longer use this item, uncheck "Active" and click "Save".

How to Make an Item or Recipe Inactive

  1. Click Item and Recipe Management (main menu toolbar) and filter to the item you wish to make inactive.
  2. Click the active box to remove the checkmark.
  3. Click "Save" on the Item Recipe Management toolbar to save changes.

NOTE: To set an item or recipe as inactive, the item or recipe cannot be an ingredient in another recipe. If so, you will need to open the recipe and remove the item before being made inactive OR you can make the product inactive first, then save and then make the item inactive.

TIP: To open an item or recipe, click on the icon beside the item to open. When an item or recipe in bold is selected, the corresponding recipe(s) it is contained in will be displayed on the right, along with the recipe amounts and units of measure. To open any of the recipes for editing, click the prep or product recipe icon located on the listing. 

Some recipes will be an ingredient in other recipes. To view those recipes, click the salad bowl icon to the left of the recipe, and the corresponding recipes will be shown. To move back to the previous view, click the "Back" arrow on the "History" icon on the Item and Recipe Management toolbar.

How to Replace and Ingredient

  1. Click "Item and Recipe Management" (main menu toolbar).
  2. Highlight the item to replace.
  3. Click on one or more recipes from the list on the right. Use the "SHIFT" or "CTRL" key to select multiple recipes.
  4. Click "Replace Ingredient" from the Item and Recipe management toolbar.
  5. Select the ingredient to use instead. 
  6. Click "Save". The recipes will now have the replaced ingredient and unit of measure.

Ex. Replacing Crab Blue Meat with King Crab

  1. Highlight "Crab Blue Meat" from the item list on the left side of the window.
  2. Highlight one or more recipes on the right.
    NOTE: To highlight more than one recipe, hold down the "CTRL" key and click on the recipes that you want to replace the ingredient, or hold down the "SHIFT" key and highlight the last recipe you want to choose.
  3. Click "Replace".
  4. The "Find/Replace" window will display.
  5. In "Replace With" select "King Crab" from the drop-down menu.
  6. Click "Replace".