Menu Product Summary

The Menu Product Summary is a printable version of the product overview. The report will show the cost of each recipe and will also show the PLU/POS ID that is assigned to the recipe. The report will assist you in viewing the costing of the recipes without extra information such as ingredients.

Header Detail
Item Description The product recipe being reported on.
PLU # The POS ID number that is assigned to the product for importing sales from the POS system.
Selling Price The selling price set in Optimum Control.
Total Cost The cost of the recipe based on the ingredients.
Cost of Sales %

Cost % of the recipe.

Cost % = Total Cost / Selling Price 

Gross Margin

The dollar amount of profit from the recipe.

Gross Margin = Selling Price - Total Cost

Profit %

The percent profit of the recipe.

Profit % = Gross Margin / Selling Price

Selling Price incl. Tax The price including tax if tax groups are assigned ot the product recipe.