Reports – General Information

Optimum Control contains 70+ reports that will help you have better control of your business by providing the details you need. Most reports can be run by a variety of periods. The reports are broken down into categories to help in locating them quickly.

To Run Reports:

  1. Choose "Reports" (main menu toolbar).
  2. Select the type of report you would like to run. All report types are listed below.

Accounting Reports

Reports Details
Account Activity Overview For each account, opening and closing inventory amounts (you must choose dates coinciding with your periods or open and close dates), all purchase totals are listed by supplier, sales cost.
Account Purchase Detail All purchases by account and supplier. This report details each account and all transactions and invoices that were posted to the account.
Budget Variance Detail This report requires budgets to be set. It displays actual vs. budgeted totals by the budget period specified within the open to close dates selected. This report will also show every budgeted period within the dates chosen.
Budget Variance Overview This report requires budgets to be set. Shows actual versus budgeted account totals for the dates chosen. It also shows the totals for the period only.
General Ledger Details all purchases and sales account totals.
Invoice Account Balances Displays all purchases, suppliers, invoice numbers, and each account breakdown.
Profit and Loss Displays income account totals and expenses, ultimately calculating net profit.
Store Activity Overview (requires multi-store mode) This report is a usage report by account, breaks down supplier amounts per account.

Inventory Reports

Report Details
Barcode Listing A simple listing of item names and barcodes. Used to scan with your scanning device.
Daily Waste A detailed waste report by date range. Shows all items and costs that were reported as waste.
Daily Waste Summary Totals of all items that were reported as waste, listed alphabetically.
Individual Item A report to show all information about the selected item including account, pack sizes, etc.
Inventory Count Detail A report to show all count totals and location counts. Available as a drill-down in the usage summary report.
Inventory Items A listing of all of selected items by category and group.
Item Activity A detailed listing of every transaction (inventory, sales, and purchases) for every item in your inventory.
Item Occurrence Identities each item and the recipes it is contained in. Use Item and Recipe Management for more details of this type of information.
Review Inventory A report to show the summary counts and values from the selected inventory date. All adjustments will be shown as well.
Review Inventory Adjustments Shows the inventory adjustments and reasons for the selected inventory.
Theoretical Item Usage Reports the theoretical usage from sales processed for the selected dates.
Theoretical Prep Usage Reports the theoretical prep usage from sales for a selected period.

Nutrition Reports

Report Details
Allergens Shows allergens and the items, preps, or products that they are contained in.
Allergens by Recipe Displays all allergens in a recipe.
Core Nutrition Displays nutritional analysis for the item or recipe, and displays as a grid.
Nutrition Guideline Comparison Displays nutrition percentages per item or recipe in comparison to a chosen guideline.
Nutrition Links Displays the links or whether calculated or entered from the label for each item or recipe.

Purchasing Reports

Report Details
Bid List For those using bidding, these reports will show you a bid history by item and by supplier.
Bid History List of all bids by item.
Bid History by Supplier List of all bids by item and then by supplier.
Current Best Bid Prices If using bid sheets, this will display the current best bids.
Credit Request History When receiving stock, you may have damaged goods and requested a credit in the invoice.
Forecasted Order Sheet Calculates stock required based on usage per day or by revenue in sales.
Inventory Order Form A form to make an order, choose by supplier.
Invoice Expenses Listing of expenses detailed in invoices by account.
Monthly Order Sheet Order sheet for up to 10 orders. Can be printed by supplier.
Price Variance A report detailing the current, highest, and lowest prices paid within a date range. Each variance will show a percent swing between the current, highest, and lowest prices paid.
Price Variance Graph A graph showing the price changes over a desired date range for an item.
Purchase Detail by Invoice Shows you the items purchased by invoice.
Purchase Detail by Item Shows you each item and the amounts purchased on which invoice and which date.
Purchase Detail by Supplier A summary, by supplier, of each item purchased.
Purchase Order by Date A listing of orders and the dates the orders were placed.
Purchase Order by Item A listing of all items on order.
Purchase Order by Supplier A list of items on order by supplier.
Purchase Summary Details what was purchased from each supplier.
Purchase Summary by Supplier Details what was purchased from each supplier.
Supplier List A quick reference for supplier names and contact information.
OC Premier Reports – Transfer Detail Report of amounts transferred between stores (revenue centers).
OC Premier – Transfer Summary The total amounts of each inventory item transferred between revenue centers.

Recipe Reports

Report Details
Menu Product Detail Details each menu product recipe by the ingredients and cost.
Menu Product Detail Problems

This report helps indicate which menu products may be a problem. 

Using the desired percent field in the report generating window to enter the cost percentage. We recommend 40%, which means that every recipe over that cost of sales will be shown in the report along with, by default, all those items with less than 10% cost.

Menu Product Summary Details all the menu products and their costs.
Prep Recipe Book Use this report if using Optimum Control to create recipe books for your kitchen.
Prep Recipe Detail Details each prep/batch recipe, the ingredients, and their cost.
Prep Recipe Summary Details all the prep/batch recipes and their costs.
Prep Sheet Prints a list by day of prep required and par levels.
Weekly Prep Sheet The weekly prep sheet is used to detail prep for the week. Includes calculations for shelf life. Set up of prep par levels is required.
Product Recipe Book Use if you want to print a recipe book of all products.
Single Prep Recipe Use if you want to print a single prep recipe for the recipe book.
Single Product Detail Use if you want to print a single product for the recipe book.

Sales Reports

Report Details
All Stores Sales A consolidated report showing all store sales. This will not show sales mix figures.
Buffet Analysis Analysis of totals per buffet event. Shows even costs and unit costs.
Buffet Usage Analysis Details the usage of
Catering Analysis Analyze each catering event and cost, plate price, sales, and profit.
Catering Usage Analysis Details the usage from the usage summary that pertains to catering.
Credit Card Summary If using Daily Sales Detail, this provides a look a deposit summaries for each entry.
Daily Sales Sales information by dates specified including gross sales, net sales, discounts and coupons, customer counts, and more. This is not a sales mix report, only for financial totals.
Daily Sales Detail All daily sales information for dates specified including labor percentages, money over/short, customer counts and averages, waste amounts, etc.
Item Sales Detail This report will show all sales and related recipe sales for an item.
Menu Engineering Worksheet This report will detail all your menu items and their sales for the specified dates. It will analyze each menu product within its sales group and determine whether they have high or low popularity and high or low profitability. This report will help you determine problem areas on your menu.
Pending Sales Indicates pending sales over a time, select date parameters (suggest at least a week) to show any unlinked or mismatched items.
Product Cost Over Time Select date parameters to view oldest and newest cost percentages.
Projected Sales Allows you to determine sales numbers for the period based on the numbers you have entered so far in the period.
Sales Mix – By Product Details each items sales and costs, it will also give overall cost of sales and cost of sales per group.
Sales Mix Category Summary A graph of category sales for the specified dates.
Sales Mix Daily Summary Details each day's sales and margin.
Sales Mix Reporting Form In some instances, such as remote vendors or food trucks, you may need to manually record sales. This report will print a till tape for manual sales entry.

Usage Summary Reports

Report Details
Cost of Sales Analysis Reports the last four usage summary group percentages.
Usage Summary – Count Amounts Displays the opening inventory, purchases, ending inventory, sales usage and variances for every item by reporting unit.
Usage Summary – Group Totals Displays Actual vs. Theoretical totals for each group and category.
Usage Summary by Value Displays opening inventory, purchases, ending inventory, sales usage, and variance for every item by currency value.


For label printing, it is important that you have an appropriate label printer (Zebra or Brother Ql570 or 720). The 3 of 9 Barcode Font must be installed and active for the barcodes to print. If you get the barcode represented as *123456* then your barcode font is not properly loaded.

The printer must be set with the proper settings.

Report Details
Barcode Labels There are two types of barcode labels available for printing. Inventory barcodes (items and prep types) for scanning inventory or product labels for your store shelves or applied to the product (in the case of retail items). The notes in products can also be printed on the label as a quick descriptor for the item.
Nutrition Labels You can print nutrition labels for all your items and recipes. Because percentages are part of the label print, you will need to select a nutrition guideline for calculations. Optimum Control can print labels to a label printer. Make sure the printer is configured properly for 21/7 by 1 inch portrait labels with a cut for continuous printer labels.

Report View and Print / Export Toolbar

Each report when created will open in the report viewer. This view allows you to filter, print, and save the report in many different formats.

Icon Details
Move from page to page
Stop the report generation or refresh the report.
Choose beginning or end of report or scroll back and forth on pages.
These icons allow you to change the view mode to preview mode and to zoom.
Click to print the report.
Choose this icon to save the report to file. You can choose PDF, CSV (comma delimited), Excel, rich text format or picture.
Choose the filter icon to define some filters for the report. When running the report, filters can be chosen but additional filters can be chosen once a report is ran.
Click to open the parameters for the current report.
Click to add the current report as a favourite.
Click to remove the current report from favourites.