Sales Mix - By Product

The Sales Mix - By Product report will assist with determining what has sold over a period and the cost of the recipe. The report will show which recipes during the period that was over the desired cost % and show you the cost % for your sales groups as well.

Header Detail
Product Description The product recipe it is reporting.
OC Price The selling price set for the product.
Avg Price

The average selling price coming from the POS system.

Average Price = Gross Sales / Sold

Sold The amount that was sold.
Gross Sales The amount of sales that is recorded for the recipe.
% of Sales How much it has contributed to the total amount of sales.
Cost The average cost of the recipe during the period of sales.
Cost %

The cost % will have a warning if the cost is above your warning threshold. 

% of Cost = Cost / Gross Sales

Gross Margin

The profit that was made from this recipe.

Gross Margin = Gross Sales - Cost