Top Price Increases

The Top Price Increase report is useful in seeing where the largest increase in price on an item on an invoice in a selected date range. The report will pull all invoices within a selected date range and display any items that have an increase over the price variance threshold, and then show that largest increase in price of that item and on which invoice it can be found.


Header Detail
Item Description The item that is being reported on. Clicking on the "Item" icon will open the "Item" view.
New Price The new purchase price of the item.
Invoice The invoice that the largest increase was found. Clicking on the "Invoice" icon on the report will open the invoice.
Invoice Date The date of the invoice with the largest % in price.
Old Cost Old unit cost of the item.
New Cost New unit cost of the item.
% Change The % increase in cost % change = (New Cost - Old Cost) / Old Cost