The Usage Summary - Values report will display your inventory, purchases, and variances based on the dollar amount that is calculated for each item. This report is useful if you want to compare the unit cost during the reporting period vs. the items' current unit cost.

Header Detail
Description The item being reported on (item in red indicates the item is now inactive but was active during the period).
Opening Inventory

The opening count from the start date selected for the report. Clicking on the opening amount will generate the Inventory Count Detail report.

Period Purchase The amount that was purchased during the reporting period. Clicking on the period purchase amount will generate the Purchase Detail - By Item report.
Ending Inventory The closing amount from the ending inventory selected for the report. Clicking on the closing amount will generate the Inventory Count Detail report.
Actual Usage

The amount used during the reporting period.

Amount Used = Opening Inventory + Period Purchases - Ending Inventory

Ideal Usage  The amount used based on the sales that are entered and the recipes that are linked to those sales. Clicking on the ideal amount will generate the Item Sales Detail report.
Waste The amount of waste recorded. Clicking on the waste amount will generate the Waste Detail report.
Net Variance

The variance for the item.

Net Variance = Actual Usage - Ideal Usage - Waste

Average Unit Cost

The cost per unit during the reporting period.

Average Unit Cost = Net variance value/net variance amount.

Current Unit Cost The unit cost of the item in the system at this moment in time in which the report is generated.