What reports are available for purchasing?

The following reports are available under Purchasing:

Report Details
Purchase Detail - by Item Detailed report displaying items including their purchase history. The purchase date, original invoice number, quantity received, the amount added to stock, average unit price, average unit cost, total price, and total cost are included. You may also click on any item-category in this report to load detailed information about the items in each item-category. Many of the reports generated within OC Enterprise allow you to drill-down to view additional information by clicking within the headings in each report. It is also possible to view a detailed breakdown of each item by clicking the item name.
Supplier Invoices Displays a summary of your supplier invoices received. The main page includes your store name, the supplier name, and the invoice totals. You may bring up more detailed information regarding each store by clicking on the store name. Here you will see a list of individual invoices including the invoice data, the invoice number, and the invoice total.