What are Preps?

Preps are considered batch recipes. These include sauces, prepared salad dressings, anything cooked, diced, chopped, prepared, or changed from its original purchased form to be used as an ingredient in a menu-product recipe.

Any item, or combination of items, that are altered or processed for use as an ingredient in a menu product recipe is a prep. Raw ingredients that are used as-is, are considred Items in OC Enterprise; items are not prepared.

NOTE: There are a few exceptions to this rule. If you prep an individual item and end up with an individual item, adding no additional ingredients prior to serving, you may avoid prepping the item. The cost per piece is the same. If you add any other items, such as batter or spice, you will want to prep it. You can also use item conversions to use the prep in menu-product recipes.